May 24, 2013

Logo and Web Design Work for the Zahra for President Campaign


The Iran Elections process is under way. At issue are many regional offices and the office of the presidency.

We were approached for Logo and Web Design work for the “Zahra for President of Iran” Campaign (, a collaboration between the groups United for Iran and Zahra’s Paradise. Below are some of the things we collaborated to create.

“Zahra, 52, will be the first woman to run as a virtual candidate for Iran’s presidency. Her campaign is being launched and supported by the authors of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel “Zahra’s Paradise” and the human rights NGO United for Iran. The purpose of this virtual campaign is to create a collaborative space for the voice, vote and vision of the Iranian people. Zahra’s campaign seeks to confront a corrupt and criminal theocracy—one founded on fraud, fear and force—by offering an antidote: an alternative candidate committed to advancing the movement for democracy, dignity and equality in Iran, a movement dating back to the constitutional movement of 1906. A teacher, poet and granddaughter of the late Grand Ayatollah Alavi, Zahra’s fictional journey to find her missing son was depicted in “Zahra’s Paradise.” As a character inspired by real stories emerging from the Green Revolution of 2009, Zahra represents fearless critics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, many who remain jailed. Zahra is inviting all — inside and outside Iran — to join her campaign. Together we can win back our Iran; the Iran of love, life, and light.”


Author of Zahra’s Paradise: Amir
Original Illustration: Khalil


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