Amini Law Firm Branding by XYZPressCHALLENGE

Create a family law firm brand that exemplifies problem-solving competence, confidence, compassion and affordability.


Create the slogan “Helping You Safeguard the things Most Important to You” that addresses and appeals to ideal clients’ main concerns. Create or rewrite compelling content on the story of who the attorney really is and why she practices law. Use modern fonts. Use peaceful and calming highlight colors like olive and sea blue balanced by serious primary colors like navy blue. Leave plenty of white space when necessary to exude clean and modern design. Create a blog that allows the attorney to attract long term local search results. Sync up social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and bring in more visitors.


We incorporated: (1) a modern and elegant logo; (2) compelling slogans; (3) welcoming and useful content – ie. bios and services content; (4) lifestyle and individualized photography; and, (5) a branded blog.

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