Client: Arrisum Dental Laboratory

Category: Branding

Date: March 2014

“Arrisum” embodies the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa, as well as the unparalleled expertise of a premier crown and bridge dental laboratory located in Newport Beach, California. Catering to a discerning clientele of successful Southern California dentists, Arrisum sets the standard for bridging the gap between traditional handcrafted techniques and cutting-edge technology in their quest to mimic nature’s artistry in creating teeth.

With the challenge of capturing the essence of “Restoration by Design, Inspired by Nature,” our team rose to the occasion, delivering a logo and brand that perfectly embodies the precision, artistry, and luxury that is Arrisum.


Blending iconic images of the Renaissance with a bold and sophisticated color palette of purple and gold, we added the subtle touch of an artist’s brushstroke to the classic Baskerville font, delivering a visual representation of the attention to detail and artistry that sets Arrisum apart. The result is a logo and brand that truly embodies the essence of Arrisum: restoring beauty through design, inspired by nature.

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